Antoine Liétout

Producer + Co-founder


Antoine Liétout graduated from the Gobelins school’s production class in 2012. Since then, he has successively worked within the production team of Fidélité Films, a French leading live action production company, as line producer on a TV series pilot for French-German channel Arte, as score producer for various 6×52′ TV features and hit shows (The Mantis -Netflix-, Le Secret d’Elise -TF1-, The Bonfire of Destiny – Netflix-), and as CFO of Parisian animation company Folivari (Ernest and Célestine, the Big Bad Fox, Pachamama), where he also handled line production on the mixed media feature My Family and the Wolf (90% live action, 10% animation). He is producer and co-founder at both Laïdak France and Germany.

Ivan Zuber

Producer + Co-founder


Ivan Zuber studied film production with a major in animation film at the Gobelins School in Paris. Upon completing his degree, he spends some time in Paris and Vancouver, Canada, while working in the industry for different films and production companies. In 2012 he relocated to Berlin to work in an international film music publishing company, 22D Music Group. Between 2012 and 2015 he attends several European MEDIA workshops such as Animation Sans Frontières and AniDox (Denmark). He joins in 2015 the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, a one-year programme of continuous education. He co-founds in June 2015 Laïdak Films, a France-Germany-based production company. Still based in Berlin but traveling the world, Ivan gives prominence to international and intercultural projects. He was elected at the French-German Cinema Academy Board in 2019.

Charlotte Renault

Production assistant


Before she joined Laïdak Films, Charlotte Renault studied management at Kedge Business School, in Bordeaux. During the course of her studies, she was a leading member of the Cinema organization Extérieur Nuit, within which she helped setting up it’s 20th edition of the Bordeaux European Short Film Festival. She then worked for distributor Nour Films in 2018 as a distribution assistant, and joined Laïdak Films in 2019 as production assistant.


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